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Vakanz genéissen

A gustatory journey in Luxembourg

Initiated by the General Directorate of Tourism, "Vakanz genéissen" is a new exceptional gustatory event that will take place for the first time in summer 2022.
The concept: 100 guests gathered around a large table for a culinary "journey" through the five tourist regions and the capital of the country.
The six unusual places were chosen for their fascinating landscapes, their idyllic nature, their remarkable cultural treasures or their precious historical heritage.

"Vakanz genéissen" (enjoy the vacations): a name that says it all. Visitors will be able to taste seasonal and regional specialties prepared by local chefs, all in a typical regional environment.Residents or travelers, singles or couples, families or friends: everyone is cordially invited to this moment of conviviality.

"Vakanz genéissen": a journey of taste and discovery of a different kind, moments of pure pleasure.


Reserve your tickets or download the posters:

mullerThis weekend, in an amphitheater in the middle of a forest! This is what emerges from the trees in Berdorf. The amphitheater can also be reached on foot: among others, the Mullerthal Trail route 2 and the local path E1 lead to it from Echternach.

MULLERTHAL - July 30 & 31



muselThis weekend in the Mosel region: in the proximity of the "Baggerweieren", it is particularly pleasant to enjoy the long table of hosts.

MOSELLE - August 6 & 7



guttlandThis weekend, direction Niederanven, in the park of Europe; a place for the whole family.

GUTTLAND - August 13 & 14




woltzThis weekend, we are heading to Wiltz. During the summer months, many of the world's stars perform on the stage of the amphitheater. An ideal and inspiring place for the gourmet table!

EISLEK - August 20 & 21



minettThis weekend, the table will be part of a very special exhibition in the Minett: in the Fondouq hall, different themes related to the region can be discovered.

MINETT - 27 & 28 AOÛT